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CCWS™ Candida Cleanser Reviews

“Yeah for Candid Cleanser!”
Okay, it’s been about a month now, since I completed the last 10 days of my Candida Cleanser regimen, and I continue to delight each day in the way my 72 year old body is responding. I am certain that I have suffered with candida overgrowth all of my life. I remember as a child, having acute allergies, yeast infections and canker sores. Having been curious for years about candida, I had tried other detox methods and diets, with varying results, but this feels completely different. I believe that the candida in my body had burrowed in very deeply and stubbornly, and now it is noticeably absent.

The most obvious result is that the sun damage discoloration that covered my arms and legs is continuing to clear, even now. I was amazed at how much of it went away while I was actively on the program, and even more so, that it continues to clear. It’s almost as though candida had taken up residency in the cells that were sun damaged, the product killed it, and now my skin continues to move out the residue.

My energy has returned too … and I’m talking energy that I lost years ago. Before the cleanse, I was in the habit of spending a lot of my afternoon time watching movies on TV. I love movies, but honestly, I was doing that because I felt exhausted. No more! And my mind is much sharper.

I had a bout of breast cancer in 2002, with surgery and radiation. I’m convinced that it was candida related. Wish I’d known then, about Candid Cleanser. The sinus allergies that have plagued me my whole life have subsided, to my great relief. And I am free of various nagging aches and pains in my joints. With all of these wonderful body responses, I am holding out for the possibility that even my hair and nails will begin to recover as they go through their regeneration process over the coming weeks and months. I’ll let you know!
But in the meantime, I’ll say “Yeah for Candid Cleanser!” And thank you to Claire for holding me in my cleanse journey with such great information and thoughtful support.
Shalya,  Arizona, USA

“CCWS™ has drastically improved my quality of life!”
Finished my 45 day candida cleanse and then the next day went on a 10 day vipassana meditation retreat, so experienced a lot of improvements in body and mind, The improvements I’ve noticed include:
More energy
Clearer vision
Less aching
Less of a flaky scalp
Clearer mind/better focus
More feeling greater well-being and general good feelings
Less tongue white/yellow covering
& More flexible (didn’t expect this one!)

I’m super grateful for all this and it has drastically improved my quality of life!

Good luck to everyone else on the journey

Bruce,  Bath, UK

“I am just taking the CCWS™  and it is definitely helping”
I have had candida for 20 years. It started when I got Giardia (sp?) When I was 28 and I had to take flagil for 45 days. I started getting sores on my scalp, on my face, hurting all over, weird headaches and complete fogginess, and total fatigue. They didn’t know a much about this then. I have done the candida diet and now am currently on the Paleo minus any honey or sugar. I am just taking the CCWS™ cell wall suppressor and it is definitely helping.
My candida had built up a tolerance and was a beast, this is helping a lot. I have prayed for this for years. I didn’t want to take diflucan or any drugs like that because I know in the long run It hurts your immune system worse. I have learned a lot of tricks in the battle for natural ways to combat it. Little things like coconut oil, oil or oregano, baking soda and lemon juice u name it. It has helped me along this journey. I will be posting to update as I go through this process. I just finished my first 5 days and I am in the 3rd day of the 10 day break.
My mind and body are very alert and sharp.
I’m pretty happy so far..
Melissa, Texas, USA
I am so grateful for this treatment
I am so grateful for this (CCWS™ Candida Cell Wall Suppressor) treatment I am feeling so much better-I have been battling with Babesia, Lyme disease and Bartonella for over a decade and this has helped me enormously!.
Amanda, Queensland, Australia
“The results have been phenomenal”
Just wanted to say that I am on the last 5 day round of CCWS™ Candida Cell Wall Suppressor, and the results have been phenomenal. I am going to recommend this product to everyone I know (I am a natural healer and people listen) I am starting to feel great, and a long standing issue I have had with foot and nail fungus is completely going away – fabulous.
Anjie, USA
“I would recommend CCWS™ to anyone suffering from Candida.”
Clare, I just wanted to say thank you for your product.
I purchased a bottle of CCWS™ Candida Cleanser not believing that it would truly help. I feel like I have tried every remedy in the world without success and thought that CCWS™ would fall into the same category.
I was completely amazed with the results after a short period of time. My mind was clearer, I slept better, and I could feel a difference.
The Candida tried to fight back after the first round but quickly gave up the fight. I have not felt this way in years and I am grateful that you have made this product available on the market.
I would recommend Candida Cleanser to anyone suffering from Candida.
R Miller from Utah, USA

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“all of this could have been prevented by the CCWS™ candida cleanse protocol”
Thanks again for your product, I suffered for years with diverticulosis/IBS which culminated with surgery to remove 18 inches of diseased and infected colon and a melon sized mass, all of this could have been prevented by the CCWS™candida cleanse protocol, I had been taking cipro,and ionic silver multiple times daily to control the bacteria leaking into my body cavity which also killed off the friendly bacteria that was somewhat controlling the candida, I was suffering from the headaches, exhaustion, brain fog and a skin condition which consisted of bumps and itching on my elbows and in my scalp.
Within days of starting the  CCWS™ candida cell wall suppressor I began to feel better, I followed the directions and kept to the schedule recording it on a calendar till I finished the bottle of  CCWS™. I also followed it with the probiotic EM-PRO during the treatment and noticed within a few days that my stools were darker and more uniform telling me that the whole treatment was successful.
Make sure that you don’t take the zeoco while taking the  CCWS™ as it will lessen the effectiveness of the treatment, you want the  CCWS™ to remain in your body as long as possible to be effective, once you finish the treatment, then take the activated charcoal with zeolites,
thanks again for changing my life for the better
Karl, USA


“What a great product
I know so many that could use it”
What a great product and my most heartfelt thank you for the health improvements I’ve experienced since starting your CCWS™ suppressor program. The two new bottles that I’ve ordered are for members of my family. I wish that I was a distributor of the program.
I know so many that could use it.
May you have great success with your business.
Roger, Minnesota, USA


I felt a powerful spike in my energy levels
I have been slowly rebuilding my complete system over the past 7 years, so my experience may not have been as incredible as most others. Still, I did truly feel the impact of your wonderful product.
I felt a powerful spike in my energy levels during the second phase, and a slight hike in sensitivity during the last phase and beyond.
I have tried other supplements in the past, almost always experiencing some diverse side effect during the procedure.
I am glad to say that I experienced no such effects during my stint with CCWS Candida Cleanser. I feel that this aspect of the treatment is most important, because a person may also gain a little insight into their overall health. When combining a healthy product with a healthy body, there should be no diverse effects, which was my experience. As for those who do experience various diverse effects; finish this cleanse and move on to the next. The Parasite Cleanse would definitely be a wonderful place to start. After all, Confucius say; If at first you do succeed try try again!
Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity in sharing my wonderful experience.Stan, Canada
“I would absolutely recommend this CCWS™ treatment
for anyone who suspects they have an infection.”
I didn’t even know I had a Candida infection as I eat very healthily. It was a friend that noticed that I had skin discoloration and patches in my suntan and pointed out that this was most likely a fungal infection. I was totally grossed out at that! I looked on google images and saw pictures exactly like my skin and found your website. When I started the CCWS™ treatment my skin flared up a bit in the first week and I felt very tired during weeks two and three. Then over the next four weeks the patchy marks on my skin disappeared and I felt full of energy. I hadn’t even realised there had been a big drop in my energy levels, it was only when mine went way up I realized there had been.
I would absolutely recommend this treatment for anyone who suspects they have a candida infection.
Victoria, Russia


CCWS™ Candida Cleanser Reviews & Testimonials

“Thank you for this miraculous CCWS™ candida cleanser”
Quite recently I have finished the CCWS™ candida cleanser treatment. After at least 20 years of tremendous efforts, I am só glad to tell you that finally I have successfully won the battle against candida! A whole lot of foods that I was not able to digest, is now available for me! And there lies the big danger to me, because I am a coeliac patient. I did not really look what the contents of some packed foods was and so I took wheat gluten for a few times, which made me very sick. Thank God that all the candida has gone, so now I was able to notice that my complaints came from gluten and no more from candida! I feel só much better now! Candida had taken over my life since many many years. I could hardly eat anything without getting severe allergies, especially my nose, front head infection, my eyes, intestines and many more problems.I have told some friends already about your candida cleanser: how extraordinary it is! When I eat glutenfree, I have none problems anymore! My hayfever is gone also! I am 72 years old and my body is rejuvenating now! It has cost me a fortune over the years: all the medication I have bought and got from the doctor to get rid of candida. And nothing really helped. Perhaps for an hour or two and then the symptoms came always back. I can sleep now without asthmatic breathing difficulties, I don’t need the nose sprays anymore, my eyes don’t tear anymore and I don’t have red eyelids anymore! The red color is slowly coming back on my cheeks again (not when I have eaten gluten..) and my energy is growing (also not when eating gluten..). But again I want to thank you for this miraculous CCWS™ Candida Cleanser that came with probiotics and a bottle of Zeoco charcoal.
I am so grateful that I have spent my last money to try this remedy!! I can and will advise it to everybody! I am beginning a new life now! Thank you só much!
Daisy , Netherlands
“I will be eternally grateful for CCWS™
because it literally gave me my life back”
I’m a healthy lady. One day my Dr. prescribed me VERY strong antibiotics for an extended period of time to make sure I didn’t get an infection after an appendectomy. (Appendectomy runs in my family, it’s very common)Antibiotics wiped out everything in my body, both the good and the bad bacteria. Little did I know that I needed to repopulate my good bacteria to keep a healthy gut and immune system!So, about 6 months after I got off my antibiotics I started having symptoms of Candida. I was lethargic all of the time, I couldn’t concentrate, I had zero energy, I craved sweets a lot, I was moody, snappy, and depressed the majority of the time, I couldn’t even get out of bed without an IV dripping coffee in my veins because I was SOO tired in the morning, I caught a cough and 5 months later I still had it, I grew a tummy pootch from all the carbs I was consuming, I developed oral thrush, I drank alcohol and was not phased much by it (I believe the Candida was eating the alcohol faster than I drank it), and my short term memory was worse than it had ever been in my life! Soon, I sought out a psychiatrist to find out what was wrong with my extremely poor concentration and lack of recall.I was diagnosed and put on psychiatric drugs for ADD. And those drugs helped with several of my symptoms, accept the constant cough and the ability to drink more alcohol than I was used to.BUT!!! Without my new drugs, all my symptoms would come back with a vengeance… (that’s when I would develop thrush). And all of this is on a 26 yr old slim female with a previously perfect health record!I was on this very expensive ADD medication for several years, unable to function without it. However, I didn’t want to be dependent on those drugs forever, so one day I went cold turkey. And I hated my life. I was absolutely miserable from all of my Candida symptoms!Then one day my mother suggested if maybe I had Candida. I looked into it and was SHOCKED!!! I did my research and ordered CCWS™ Candida Cleanser right away. Besides being immensely tired from the die off, all of my symptoms started to disappear!
I will be eternally grateful for your product because it literally gave me my life back.
Jackie, Florida, USA
“I did the CCWS™ course and now my IBS is completely gone
and 99% of my allergies are gone”
I constantly was suffering from IBS and food allergies and after basically giving up to the idea of recovery I consulted a health practitioner friend who suggested I try this treatment. I had never even heard of Candida and looking at the symptoms I did see a lot of red flags, I had many of the symptoms. I did the course and now my ibs is completely gone and 99% of my allergies are gone. I still keep to a healthy diet but know I can treat myself to a drink or chocolate now and again without any problems.
Timothy, USA
“Got my life back and energy levels are off the roof.
thank you so much for this product. CCWS™ WORKS”
I tried treelac, fivelac symbion and a bunch of herbs. I went for the pharmaceutical drugs as well.I did fasting and colonic’s. zappers and Candida diets. I even had a shaman working on me at one point. I was that desperate.Saw the CCWS™ product and thought to myself its just another scam. ordered it with the words I have nothing to loose. its better than to do nothing. I got so sick from first round of dosage I thought I had maybe made things worse. all symptoms where magnified but after about 10 days it happened. My brain fog slowly cleared and I had the most insane die off ever. white stuff came out of my rear and my tongue. I had to use tongue scraper every 2 hours. did 2 colemas a day. Die off went on for a week or so. got my life back and energy levels are off the roof. thank you so much for this product. it WORKS. it really does. my friend took it too but he had no Candida only fungus in between toe nails. cleared after 15 years of not being able to get rid of it.
Finally a product that tackles systemic Candida thank you thank you thank you.
Martin, Denmark

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“Its been 15 years since all of my toenails looked the same.
CCWS is for real”
I had two yellow toenails (same toes different feet) for a long time. I have done all kinds of processes, fasts, and detox’s and the fungus held on easily. I always found that impressive. ONE BOTTLE of CCWS™ and it got knocked out … its been 15 years since all of my toenails looked the same. This stuff is for real.
Mark, USA
“We wake up every morning to a new reality with much more energy”
Both my husband and I have been using the CCWS™ Candida cell wall suppressor treatment and the result is amazing. After just 3 or 4 days of the treatment my husband got rid of his heartburn and cough which he have had for more than 20 years. He didn’t know that candida was the problem until 2 years ago when it really got beyond normal levels. First his feet got swollen up and then his legs, hands and arms. All in just a few hours. It took 7 doctors at the hospital before anyone could tell his what was wrong. He got treated with antibiotics. Before using this CCWS™ candida cleanser both my husband and I felt very infirm. Thought it was because of old age (68 years) but now we wake up every morning to a new reality with much more energy.
We are unspeakable of appreciation for this CCWS™ treatment!
Helen , Sweden
“Measurable Difference In My Health”
Yes I did have results from the CCWS™ candida cleanse that I am very pleased with. I ordered the parasite cleanse afterward which I am currently taking.I do feel an overall sense of well-being I did not have before the cleanse, nor can I say I remember ever feeling this clear-headed or light in my body. The most unexpected physical results were as follows: I have a proliferation of skin tags that have regrown after I had them taken off by the doctor fifteen years ago. To my surprise just days into the cleanse about two or three tags at a time began to change, sort of wither and eventually fall off. This happened over the 45 day period. At least half of the skin tags on my neck are now gone and it looks like it is still working on one or two at a time now and I am really happy with that! Well, I did not remember reading this could be one of the results of the cleanse so I read the information over. When it said some have seen moles disappear I remembered the mole on my forehead which was about 1/4 inch in diameter and slightly raised which I have had at least fifteen years now too. I put my hand to my forehead and could not feel it. Looking into the mirror, it is gone! I can still see the trace of the circle where it was but there is no texture to it. It is as smooth as the surface of the rest of my skin. Too cool!!I
am really happy with how I have been feeling and hope it continues this way. I would not have purchased the parasite cleanse if I did not get these good results with the candida cleanse, however, I have taken a parasite cleanse in years past which I needed. I bought it this time so I can continue to insure my total health.
Thank you for your products and for being there for people who want to help themselves, especially in preventing health issues. Your products have made a measurable difference in my health and I recommend them to friends and strangers! The ordering process and shipping is very reliable too!!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
Tami, Ohio, USA

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“Surpised to find I actually had die off within a week and realise that i was more infected than I thought”
I had my suspicion that I had a Candida infection for some time, even though it was mild. I decided to use the treatment just as a health precaution and was surprised to find I actually had die off within a week and realize that i was more infected than I thought. One result I have noticed is that I no longer have repeat thrush infections that I just put down to feeling run down.
Vickie, USA
“It has now been two months with no return.”
After taking a course of antibiotics I developed a slight rash under my beard which would get flakey and red when I did not shave regularly. I tried a topical antifungal cream which seemed to help but the rash would return as soon as I stopped applying it. Also, applying a cream to your face three or four times a day is a little awkward. A friend recommended I try CCWS™ and I reluctantly tried as I was not even sure the rash was fungal. After one day the rash seemed more aggravated and inflamed than ever which I took as a sign that the medicine was definitely doing something and this could be a “die off” reaction.I continued the course and after two days the rash was looking much better. On the third day it was almost completely gone and a couple of days later there was absolutely no sign of it. It has now been two months with no return.I also noticed a couple of other small itchy patches on my body during the course which also disappeared and I assume they were lesser fungal infections that I had not noticed before.It is too early to tell if the fungal infection in my toe nail has been cured but it seems a lot better and is growing back healthy and strong. The only side effects I noticed were slight diarrhea on the first morning of the course (only once) and a lethargic feeling when I took the medicine during the day. Taking them at night may actually have helped get a good nights sleep.
John, United Kingdom

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 “I say this has been a good experience & go for it !”
I have had candida issues for about 13 years. I took 2 bottles of CCWS Candida cleanser , starting around December 2013. My last tablet of the 2nd bottle was in late April/Early May 2014. To be graphically honest I could smell lufernon when my body released it, and i could tell my body was only just releasing it about 3/4 weeks ago! That means it had stayed in my system almost 3 months after the last tablet. Also about a week after knowing some of it was released, I had a HUGE skin break out- like nothing I’ve had before. It started like a rash, very itchy & dry skin- though developed into pimples. This grossed me out completely as I haven’t had bad skin since I was a teenager, BUT i felt totally that this was the candida leaving!!! As when i first started my dietary cleanse in September 2013, I got a rash then too.
I also went through a high stress situation at the same time, though none of the skin affliction was on my face (which is where i normally will have a blemish) – it was all on my neck & shoulders — main lymphatic areas (body’s detoxifying / garbage waste collection unit) … so i am more convinced this is candida leaving & I am so happy!
This feels like a deep cleanse now for me. I encourage everyone to be patient with this – as I didn’t know to what effect the tablets had for me on my insides until this happened. I felt previously it was effective in helping me cleanse some, but not all of the issue, but i definitely think it’s helped move it out of my system, perhaps blood, and other organs now too.
I feel this has helped me get on top of the issue- even if just mentally, emotionally – that helps me stay focused on a good, soul nurturing diet, choosing good habits & staying away from things i know won’t serve my health.
I believe now I am working on re building my gut strength, so i can digest better in future. though i am still on a very clean diet, & still have some way to go – perhaps 1 year?
I say this has been a good experience & go for it !

M.C. Darwin, Australia
“FINALLY. Candida free after 4 years”
FINALLY. Candida free after 4 years of non stop doctors visits! I found your CCWS easy to take, simple instructions and it did the trick. No more flucanazole and diets for me!
Mike, Canada
“You have my vote for best candida treatment out there.”
I have had Candida problems for years all of which stemmed from an initial heavy metal toxicity diagnosis. After getting rid of my metal fillings and doing a detox I was still left with a severe systemic Candida infection. The years of toxicity had done a lot of damage and I had Candida throughout my whole body giving me headaches and muscle pain as well as constant yeast infections.I’d tried five-lac and the diets but although they made the symptoms less, I still felt the Candida was still inside me. With the treatment I got from you I finally feel that my problems are over. I suffered a few weeks with the die off which felt like I had a cold most of the time but then everything cleared after the third week. I finished the course and feel actually ‘clean’ inside and that my body is healing from all the damage those fillings did!
You have my vote for best treatment out there.
Ian, USA
“The staff at the spa were shocked at how much Candida yeast was flushed out of my body”
I did this CCWS treatment while on a detox retreat and as part of the treatment we did colonics everyday. The staff at the spa were shocked at how much Candida yeast was flushed out of my body after the 3rd day of the treatment and said they had never seen anything like it.It felt so good to know my body was cleaning itself out and beating the infection! I now feel the best I have in years. Thank you.
Helen, USA

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